“Training like Jennifer Garner for a week was difficult AF”

I became Jennifer Garner two years ago after watching her – and her assassin body torn and alert – in the action movie Pepper mint. (Those biceps, those abs!) Since then, Jen has continued her hardcore exercise program, documenting sweating sessions with celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue on her Instagram.

Inspired, I challenged myself to follow her workout routine for a week. Could some new online courses help me Elektra and Sydney Bristow fighting form in my own living room?

Easier said than done, of course. We can share the same name, but Jennifer’s workouts (ballet, cardio dance, weight training, and jump rope) couldn’t be further from the long distance runs I did. I’ve hit a lot more RP than folded over the years, but a little cross training seemed to me that it could help ease my cabin fever and boredom – and what better time to change my buckets. sweat only when I was staying at home?

Workout 1: Jump rope like Jen


Jennifer Nied / Jewelyn Butron

Jen is quite the skipping rope genius. Although she hasn’t revealed how often she trains, Jen has serious rope skills. It can complement double below, one of the most difficult jump rope skills, as it is nbd. These explosive tricks require coordination, strength and a lot of practice.

For this fitness experience, I opted to relaunch my Jen training week in familiar territory. The jump rope was the only part of her intense fitness routine that resonated with me. (Fun fact: when I was younger, I was part of a competitive jump rope team.)

Inspired by Jen’s impressive double underside, I started whipping a bunch of my own. A few jumps and unsuccessful attempts, and my heart was racing. Finally, I nailed them and took a picture. (I was so rich in endorphins, I even had a few rounds of Double Dutch.) One workout, four to do.

It wasn’t until I replayed my jump video that I realized I wasn’t twisting the rope twice with each bounce. (Like someone who thinks he’s winking, but actually closes both eyes simultaneously.) Ugh, foiled the first day. But skipping rope was not a complete bust. (My Garmin told me that I had burned 376 calories in 45 minutes with increases in aerobic and anaerobic training.) So it was still a solid workout, and I gave myself to it, which is the more important at the end.

Workout 2: Dance Cardio


Jennifer Nied / Jewelyn Butron

During the preparation Pepper mint, Jen took daily cardio dance classes with De La Rue trainer, Weekly entertainment. Yes, she sweated it every day for months with Body By Simone classes. They’re super high energy, just like the celebrity trainer, and filled with easy-to-follow body movements.

Jen was passionate about the Los Angeles-based coach for years, so of course my next workout was a BBS cardio dance class, which luckily is available online so that normal folks like you and me can feel like a #fitnessgoals celebrity anytime, anywhere. (Goal!)

I prepared myself for my dance debut by freeing up space in my living room and I followed one of her classes on YouTube. (You can find some free BBS videos there, but you will have unlimited access for $ 15 per month via the De La Rue subscription service.) do not try if you have neighbors below you or something fragile on your shelves. De La Rue’s dance movements include many jumps. She adds coordinated arm movements, booty shakes and kicks, but nothing too technical for those who are rhythmic.

In the end, my legs were flat. I exceeded my daily step goal and was completely exhausted. I’m far from ready for the performance, but I continued and so did my heart rate.

Practice 3: Ballet


Jennifer Nied / Jewelyn Butron

Jennifer does not hesitate to show her ballet experience or to tour her favorite dancers. In fact, Jen studied dance for a decade growing up, by Dance spirit, but she still has her ballet skills at 48. Proof: Jennifer shared an excerpt from a Giselle ballet sequence while traveling.

The last time I set foot in a ballet class, I was six years old and tears ran down my cheeks. I hung up my brand new pink slippers from time to time. But, ballet is a big part of Jennifer’s fitness routine, so I got attached and remembered how much I love Center of the stage. Plus, Jennifer was the most adorable pint-sized prima ballerina, and she can still show off her jumpsuits today.

As for me, I would go back to basics. YouTube held a treasure trove of step-by-step ballet workouts from former professional ballerinas. I listened to a 50-minute “beginner” workout that only required one chair as a bar.

Despite being “basic”, this one put me to the test. I could not enough keep going, but i kept moving all the time. Laughing at myself gave me extra training for the abs, especially when I almost reversed the reading from the past. (It’s a tippy one-leg toe balance for ballet newbies like me.)

By the time I finished, the hips of my still tight runner finally felt open. In addition, all of these heel lifts were targeting my calves, a muscle group I knew required a bit of work. Seeing the benefits of the bonus, I can just hit the bar again. That is to say, I will immerse myself in ballet in the comfort of my home where no one has to watch my horribly embarrassing form, except my husband and my dog.

Training 4: Force circuit training


Jennifer Nied / Jewelyn Butron

Jennifer didn’t just dance Pepper mint form of combat. It took months of strength training and heavy lifting, mostly with De La Rue. So I recreated her bodybuilding circuit based on an excerpt she posted on Instagram and the workout of the celebrity trainer.

I noticed that De La Rue often opted for three sets of 12 reps and trained Jen with 15-pound dumbbells. Then me too. (In general, you want to choose a weight that seems difficult to lift in the last two or three repetitions.)

I curled up, lifted, twisted and planked with resistance bands, 5 to 15 pound dumbbells and bottles of wine. Her video clip was 30 seconds, but the actual workout reached 60 minutes when I lowered my last dumbbell. At the end of the circuit, I felt like I had a solid upper body workout, but I was not totally spent.

The next day was a whole different story. My biceps were so sore that I could barely lift my cup of coffee. Curiously, all my other muscle groups felt ready to start the circuit again.

Bonus Burn: Ballet Encore

Unlike myself aged 6, I went back to virtual ballet class for another redemption (crossed fingers). I could not redeem my misadventure in double sous thanks to a snowstorm outside, but I was able to practice more combinations inside. This time, I signed up for Ballet Beautiful and filtered the library of the streaming platform for “workouts for beginners”. There I found a bunch of 10 to 12 minute routines.

I could surely manage ballet lessons the size of a bite. One video after another, I made my way through the folds, the spikes and the fades. (Think of Joey Tribbiani’s attempts to speak French, but the dance version.) I got carried away with all the muscles of my tiny and exhausted leg and an extreme desire for a jar of melted cheese.

Subsequently, I told my husband that it was death by a leg lift while I melted into the sofa.

After a week following in Jen’s footsteps in AF, I learned a few things …

I can’t say I have a pack of six freshly sculpted biceps ready for battle like Riley’s at the moment. It is far too early for these kinds of gains. What I feel right away is an emotional boost. Laughing through my workouts and having something brand new to break my routine at home and wait for each day was refreshing. I felt emotionally lighter after each sweating session.

I won’t take off my running sneakers anytime soon, but Jen’s workouts have proven to be good for body and mind. The assassin / prima ballerina routine was exactly what I needed to get out of a fitness rut ​​and put a smile on my face.

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