Tracee Ellis Ross, 47, shows her buttocks and legs on Instagram

  • Tracee Ellis Ross posted an Instagram video of her home training.
  • Tracee is a huge fan of celebrity coach Tracy Anderson.
  • Tracee wears a matching set of Carbon38 in the video.

    Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, 47, did super sweaty body training while quarantining herself in her house on Sunday.

    She shared a video on her Instagram of her booty and leg training with famous trainer Tracy Anderson’s method Tracy Anderson, and she also looked fierce while doing it.

    In the video, her hair is in two tight locks, and she wears a matching Carbon 38 metallic periwinkle training cut (with high-waisted leggings and a tank top).

    “Space buns & @tracyandersonmethod I followed my workouts @tracyandersononlinestudio – but on weekends, it’s with Tracy herself. Here’s a little mashup from this morning’s session wearing my new kit @ carbon38. Oh hey @icecube ­čĹő­čĆż (sound to shout it out) “, she captioned her message.

    She shows various movements targeting her lower half while carrying ankle weights and using some other equipment at home, including a chair and broom.

    “Oh! Oh my God,” she said, doing a series of leg lifts.

    One fan commented: “It looks hard, my legs are like no!”

    She finishes her training with a dance and stretches in front of a humidifier.

    Tracee is a longtime fan of Tracey Anderson and has been training at home regularly since the start of social distancing.

    She has been following the celebrity trainer since at least 2018, when she shared a video on Instagram of herself doing one of Tracy’s workouts in her studio.

    Keep crushing it at home, Tracee!

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