“I worked like Jennifer Aniston for a week”

Let’s face it. Were all wondering how fit Jennifer Aniston, 51, has been for so long. From her days as our beloved Rachel friends to play an ambitious anchor of new AF The Morning Show, Jennifer has graced American television screens with her incredible acting skills and seriously toned body. a lot. years.

That said, I obviously wanted to know his secret. WH talked to Jen’s trainer, Leyon Azubuike, about the actress’s fitness routine, and let’s just say it’s, uh, hard. Jen trains almost every day for an hour and a half at each session, sometimes waking up at 3 am if she has to sweat before a photo session.

Although I’m definitely not at that level (I can stay awake until 3 am YouTube videos, but I certainly can’t Wake up before 8:30 a.m.), I was looking forward to helping out with Jennifer’s hypnotic diet. And don’t worry, because everyone is stuck inside (yes, even Jen), all of these workouts are fully compatible with quarantine. Now join me on this very sweaty ~ Jennifer trip.

Training 1: Boxing and mobility

Believe it or not, Jen is a boxing fanatic. That’s why she and Azubuike are perfect: he is the owner of Gloveworx, a boxing training studio with locations in New York and Los Angeles. Their classes look so fun that I really wish I could have gone to an IRL session. But since it’s not possible right now (#stayinside), I did the next best thing. Azubuike posted live workouts on her Instagram and YouTube for fans to do at home. So I grabbed my yoga mat and my laptop and went to #werk.

According to Azubuike, Jen always start their training sessions with mobility exercises so obviously, * I * started * my * training session with mobility exercises too. She has a go-to series (demo here), and I did each move for 30 seconds, twice.


Madeline Howard / Jewelyn Butron

Let me just say, this part was like real paradise. I didn’t know how much my body hurt during a short stretch and a few gentle movements after sitting around doing work all day. All the tension I was holding in my shoulders and my back completely melted like butter. Then I went to YouTube and chose one of Azubuike’s boxing workouts to knock out.

At first, I had, well, fun. Azubuike has the contagious and optimistic energy that I think anyone could use right now, so sweating with his comment was a treat. He started training with bodyweight exercises like aerial squats and high planks that, with a subtle flex, I felt like I was killing. But let me tell you something: I have never boxed before. Never in my life. Not once.

When we got to the combat part of the training, I was so clumsy. It looked like I was crushing flies, flapping my arms at random to try to follow the 1-1-2-3 count that Azubuike was screaming in the background, lol. Still, I could see why Jen likes it. Boxing has good, short bursts of cardio with lots of work to tone the arms. That, and if you have a repressed assault (it couldn’t be me, hah), it’s definitely a healthy way to release it.

After the video ended, I made a set of rows of renegades. (Jen said she likes to do this type of shooting after boxing, so I also had to stick it on at the end of my workout.) I did 15 reps on each arm, with a few jugs of water from my basement fridge.

Even though I only made one set, the rows worked a different muscle section than the one I used during boxing. Basically my upper body was shot. Brb, I won’t be raising my arms for a year or two.

Workout 2: Yoga


Madeline Howard / Jewelyn Butron

After a super optimistic workout like boxing the day before, it was time to do a little more Zen activity. Jen has been a self-proclaimed yogi since 2005, so I decided (again) to take my yoga mat and laptop and sweat it out with an online yoga class.

I opened a free trial account with Obé Fitness, a subscription website that hosts a range of live workouts daily and also offers tons of on-demand options for doing any time of the day that you have for free.

I chose to take a typical yoga class with instructor Beth Cooke. As soon as she entered the screen in the aesthetically pleasing pastel blue “studio”, the stress I felt at that moment was completely dissipated. Her atmosphere was suuuper calm and friendly, as if I knew that even if she could see me, she would not judge me for having planted a face during a chaturanga.

Was it the most difficult class I have ever taken? No, especially not compared to the hot yoga I did recently. That said, it was relaxing AF, and copying this part of Jen’s fitness routine made me realize that not all of the workouts should exhaust you completely. In fact, with yoga, I really felt more energized that I had pre-savasana. For me, it’s a victory.

Workout 3: Planking

So we all know that Jen has awesome abs at this point. Whether she flaunted them on a film set or published them on IG, we are all thirsty for her tonic perfection. KK, you understand. But how does the actress maintain these abs? Well, according to Azubuike, it’s by a lot of boards. Jen’s standard tip is that she can hold a board for three minutes! She even has a small ~ plank feed ~ that she does to help her maintain this feat, so I decided to copy it for my last workout approved by Jennifer.

I started by holding a standard high board for three minutes which was, uh, really freaking difficult. For example, my body was literally shaking at minute two, and I had to take a quick 10-second break before trying to start again for the last 50 seconds.


Madeline Howard / Jewelyn Butron

After that, my abs hurt, so I was pretty much formidable the next move, which rotated the side planks for three minutes straight. This one was (yeah) impossible for me at that time, lol. I couldn’t finish more than twenty side planks before my arms cracked to bear my own body weight, so I stopped and allowed myself to rest for the rest of the time (#treatyourself). Last there were plank shoulder taps, which I couldn’t, ahem, do for more than a minute. Major L.

Basically, I would have to repeat Jen’s plank routine pretty much every day so that I can pass the three-minute streak she’s the absolute master of (* bows *). That said, I felt that Jen’s other workouts were pretty doable, especially for people looking for ways to sweat while staying indoors 24/7. Can I replicate his workouts every day? No, and I am absolutely never wake up voluntarily at 3 a.m. or exercise for more than an hour like Jen, but I think the actress can serve as an inspiration for us during this period of sweating at home.

So yeah, brb, I’m going to order my first set of boxing gloves. TTYL!

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