How Halle Berry Keeps Fit During New Coronavirus Quarantine

  • Like most people, Halle Berry stays at home right now and no longer trains four times a week with her trainer.
  • Instead, he sends her quick workouts at home and she exercises for 10 minutes at a time.
  • She aims to get 30 minutes of exercise each day.

    Before the new coronavirus pandemic changed almost everything on our daily routines, I trained with my favorite training friend (and spirit animal) Peter Lee Thomas four times a week. I overturned tires, sparred jiu jitsu style, lifted weights, all that.

    Like many of you, however, I am now quarantined at home with my children, so it is safe to say that my usual fitness routine has completely disappeared.

    Most of the time I just try to move with my kids, who are 6 and 12 years old, because you better believe they bounce off the walls. We will play around the house or really start playing air hockey – all we can do to be active together in a way that is not like real training (because they do do not want to work with me).

    Even by myself, however, the hour-long workouts I did do not one thing rgood now. Like so many other parents, I now try to do my own work, help my children with homework and keep everyone nourished and happy. So I try to grab 10 minutes here and there in order to do at least 30 minutes of more formal exercise a day.

    Usually I put together a bunch of little puffs of exercise (many of which I can use my full resistance loop and my swag strip for) to reach my total goal of 30 minutes. In the morning, I try to stretch and do a few rounds of abdominal movements, such as sit-ups or planks, because I usually have a bit of calm for myself while the kids have lunch.

    As difficult as it may seem to get out of my usual routine, I think we all need to remember to be gentle with ourselves right now.

    The place where things change really changes every day. Sometimes, while my son is in line class, I use a chair to take 40 or 50 steps per leg on the sidelines to make my heart beat. To increase the challenge, I will hold a set of weights in my hands or attach weights to the ankles.

    Or I’m going to do a few sets of pumps with the weight of my wrist. (I also like what I call “wall-ups”, which are basically push-ups on a wall that have an explosive element, so your hands go up in the air for a moment at the top of each repetition .)

    I even use my son as training equipment when we are laughing. I’m going to sit on a chair and it will lie on my feet, and I’ll do some leg extensions.

    Some days, however, I wear my ankles and wrist weights all day. (Might as well make these trips up and down the stairs a little spicier!)

    But to be honest, I really miss the endorphin rush you get in a very hard workout – and it’s not always easy to get that same intense workout at home. One way I make succeed in getting there: jump rope. Give me 800 jumps with my jump rope, and I feel great.

    As difficult as it may seem to get out of my usual routine, I think we all need to remember to be gentle with ourselves right now. It’s a strange and stressful time, and we’ve all had a lot of dumping on our plates. You don’t have to make great progress or do great things. Keep it together. Move when you can and in a way that makes you feel good – or in a way that gets your kids into action. Hang on. All we can do now is our best.

    Halle Berry is a producer, director and actress. Now known as one of the most adept women in Hollywood, Berry recently launched rē • spin, a community of stories, conversations and products for health and wellness researchers. In his weekly WH column and #FitnessFriday Instagram posts, she shares a personal snapshot of her own health and fitness, as well as tips, tricks and advice behind her physically fit physique.

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