Elizabeth Hurley publishes nude photo for Earth Day charity

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  • Elizabeth Hurley posted a new, almost nude photo on Instagram.
  • With the sexy photo, she promotes awareness and helps raise funds for a conservation charity.
  • Liz stays in shape with outdoor activities such as chopping logs and taking walks.

    In case you’ve lost track of the day, Elizabeth Hurley is here with a memorable reminder. Today is Earth Day, and the model, actress and swimwear designer is doing her part to raise awareness and make money for a good cause.

    Naturally, she posed in the buff (or almost) on the new Instagram photo. She is lying in the grass and wearing a white bikini bottom, but nothing else. The sun is shining on her super fit body, and Elizabeth looks totally ageless as usual.

    Elizabeth has the right to serious subjects in her legend. She writes: “Happy #Earth Day. Habitat destruction and illegal wildlife trade have contributed to deadly pandemics. Support @spaceforgiants with their #AHealthyEarth campaign to protect natural ecosystems and all life on earth ­čśś https : //donate-earthday.spaceforgiants. org “

    The organization she mentions is Space for Giants, a non-profit organization based in Kenya that helps protect the wild landscapes and natural ecosystems of Africa, with a particular focus on elephants. At the same time, it aims to provide economic and social value to local communities and national governments. For Earth Day, it is organizing a “special campaign to raise awareness of the relationship between zoonotic diseases such as # covi╠çd19, habitat loss and wildlife trafficking”.

    It should be noted that Elizabeth looks super fit in the photo, and many fans gave her a ­čÖî in the comments. Instead of spending hours in the gym toning up and training, the fashion designer is known for his passion for fitness.

    For example, she already said Women’s health that she squats every morning while she brushes her teeth, then takes her dogs for a 30-minute walk each morning. Liz is also in gardening for exercise, by Additional. This includes “cutting down a hedge, using my chainsaw to cut down a tree, logging, everything I do. So I’m very active.”

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