Christie Brinkley, 66, trains at home with a total gym outdoors

  • Christie Brinkley, 66, does home workouts at her Total Gym.
  • She stays in shape by doing a bunch of movements that target her entire body.
  • Two of the brand’s exercise machines are currently on sale at QVC.

    As Christie Brinkley, 66, is quarantined in the Hamptons with her son in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she becomes creative with her home workouts. The model brought his Total Gym machine outside to get fresh air and sunlight while perspiring it.

    “I know if I don’t get the exercise I need, I really feel it! My body is rusting instantly! I have to grease the joints,” she captioned an Instagram video of her training. “So, to avoid having to surgically remove the sofa from my behind ­čśë, I decided to pull my Total Gym towards the sun to obtain both vit D and essential exercise.”

    “Quarantine is to keep us safe, so I will try to use my time to hopefully get out of quarantine a bit stronger,” she said. “One thing I am sure of, I am truly grateful for each day blessed with health ­čÖî­čĆ╝.”

    Brinkley – who is a spokesperson for Total Gym – said Form she uses the machine for 15 minutes every day, going through her “own little routine”. According to his Instagram video, this routine involves bodyweight squats, twists and pull-ups. (The machine is similar to a reformer Pilates machine.)

    Aside from Total Gym, Brinkley stays in shape while surfing, rafting and running errands along the beach. To make the most of every training opportunity, she does squats while drying her hair and stretching while brushing her teeth.

    Do you want to train like Christie? You can – and for a flight.

    The Total Gym Titanium is on sale for $ 359.95 at QVC at the moment. It has 12 resistance levels and comes with an Ab Crunch accessory, Tricep ropes, a foot bar, two dipping bars, a wing attachment, a pilates pulley system and some graphics and DVDs to help users get familiar with.

    The Total Gym Elite Plus is the basic machine of the collection, and it is also on sale now for $ 299.96. It has eight resistance levels and comes with an AbCrunch accessory, pressure bars, a Pilates toe bar, a leg pulley system with two ankle cuffs, a 24 “extension and some maps and DVDs.

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