At 54, Elizabeth Hurley is literally 21 in her latest Instagram

  • At 54, model and actress Elizabeth Hurley is literally 21 years old in her latest Instagram.
  • It stays in shape and keeps a youthful appearance by favoring hydration and a balanced diet.
  • She also does her daily exercise by walking her dogs and gardening.

    Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley, 54, helps raise funds for the National Health Service (NHS) of England – and looks absolutely ageless while she’s there. Seriously, she looks like a 21-year-old late 2000s queen in her latest Instagram post. The fundraising station includes a super cute tote for sale, which Elizabeth models while wearing a super cute yellow tank top and cut denim shorts.

    “This beautiful #WEAREONE tote bag was created by Kurt Geiger and ES Magazine. All proceeds from the sale of the bags will go to the NHS to raise ┬ú 1 million before Christmas. Carry yours with pride and spread the word # weareone @ eveningstandardmagazine @kurtgeiger @nhs #stayhome ­čśś­čśś­čśś “, she captioned her message.

    It gives off serious spring vibrations, while being totally magnificent and luminous. So what’s the secret to having a fresh, effortless face? Well she Is put a lot of effort.

    To start, Elizabeth favors hydration. She says she drinks two cups of hot water in the morning. “It tastes quite disgusting,” she said. Daily Mail UK. “But it’s fantastic for your digestive system.”

    And of course, his diet is also super balanced. “I like simple, natural and easy foods. I don’t really like foods with a lot of chemicals or additives,” said Elizabeth. The cup. “When I am at home in the countryside, I always try to eat locally grown food. This applies to meats and vegetables.”

    As for Elizabeth’s workouts, she is not tall at the gym, but prefers to move her body outside.

    Elizabeth said previously Women’s health that she does squats every morning while brushing her teeth and then takes her dogs in 30 minutes of walking.

    She also shared with Additional that gardening is his main form of exercise, like “cutting a hedge, using my chainsaw to cut a tree, cut down, everything I do. So I am very active.” Despite self-quarantine at this time, she has always been able to go out, do gardening and have big bonfires.

    Of course, Elizabeth looks like a dead throat no matter what she prepares.

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