30 free pilates videos to stream – best pilates YouTube channels

On the list of workouts that will set your heart on fire, Pilates is up there with the best abdominal exercises of all time. In fact, its ability to sculpt your stomach like no other is one of the seven benefits of Pilates that you don’t want to sleep on.

What else? He can do it without any equipment (no, not even a pair of bottles of wine), making him a hero of home training. So if you’re looking for ways to make your oblique earthquake so good in the comfort of your own living room, consider selecting one of the thousands of free Pilates videos on YouTube.

But as the fatigue of decisions is real, rather than researching all these options yourself, use this summary of the best YouTube Pilates workouts to help you get the right things done as soon as possible. All the videos in this list have a lot of stans – at least a thousand likes and 50K views each. So you can be sure they are worth your time, whether you have an entire hour on your mat (or just five minutes for a quick snack).

Either way, you will still enjoy some of the serious benefits of Pilates, such as improving your posture and increasing your flexibility. Oh, and because it is a low impact workout, Pilates is A-ok for all fitness levels. To get the most out of any movement (read: all the gains), focus on slowness – you will activate your muscles this way – and engage your abs by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Sounds simple, right? Well, trust that these two small adjustments are enough to take you to the next level of these exercises.

Keep reading for the best YouTube Pilates videos you can follow at home, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student.

Pilates workouts on YouTube: less than 15 minutes

If you want to target your lower abs

Time: 3 minutes

Evaluation: 10,000 likes

Views: 296K

Cassey Ho, founder of the Blogilates YouTube channel, is a benchmark for fast, fun and effective mat workouts like this one, which focuses on the hard core muscles to put under your belly button.

If you only have five minutes

Time: 5 minutes

Evaluation: 66,000 likes

Views: 6.7 mm

This video is short and sweet. In addition, it turns out that it is the most popular of all the Pilates Abs workouts available on the very popular chain, Blogilates.

If you like oblique exercises

Time: 8 minutes

Evaluation: 23,000 likes

Views: 2.2mm

Oh man, you will feel the burn of this training, targeting your abs and your size, good after it’s over.

If you are looking for a hardcore challenge

Time: 8 minutes

Evaluation: 23k likes

Views: 1.3 mm

Cassey Ho guides you through a series of difficult basic moves in this series. Each is ~ intense ~. But does not require any special equipment.

If you want a quick workout for the abs and back

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 2.3k likes

Views: 195K

Focus on toning and sculpting your whole heart with this 10-minute workout.

If you want a sweat snack

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 1.1 K likes

Views: 78K

This short, abdominal-focused Pilates workout is a perfect addition to another workout, or when you want a quick sweaty workout to fit into your day.

If you’re trying to sculpt a six pack

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 15,000 likes

Views: 1.2mm

Target your rectus abdominis and oblique with a beautiful beach landscape in the background.

If you want to learn an advanced technique

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 3.9K likes

Views: 258K

Fitness trainer and influencer Rebecca Louise has gained a mega follow-up on YouTube with her advanced Pilates sequences like this one, which involves working on the waist.

If you want a badass workout

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 7.8K likes

Views: 651K

You won’t waste time with this 10-minute Pilates workout as it targets your abs and glutes simultaneously.

If you want to train your abs from all angles

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 1.6K likes

Views: 41K

The Love Sweat Fitness online community is over half a million people, and its founder Kaite Dunlop’s perspective on Pilates will work your whole heart in less than 10 minutes. Beginners take note: you will get many changes if you need to in this video.

If you want to focus on the basics

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 1,000 likes

Views: 55K views

Try a basic classic Pilates mat workout in this 10-minute circuit.

If you want to cross the train

Time: 10 minutes

Evaluation: 35,000 likes

Views: 3.1MM

Cassey Ho says she designed this 10-movement abs sequence specifically to add it to another workout (like cardio or HIIT). So mark this one to do after your next run or aerobic session to balance your training and target your abs.

If you want a ~ intense ~ abs workout

Time: 11 minutes

Evaluation: 4.7K likes

Views: 514K

This video is sure to light every part of your heart.

If you want a Pilates / HIIT mashup

Time: 13 minutes

Evaluation: 35,000 likes

Views: 3.1MM

Get your HIIT cardio session while toning and working those abs in this video with well over 3 million views.

If you want to train like a Victoria’s Secret model

Time: 14 minutes

Evaluation: 46K likes

Views: 5.3MM

Look for Victoria’s Secret angels for fitpo (and love working with Taylor Swift and Ke $ ha)? Then this training is for you.

Pilates workouts on YouTube: 15 to 30 minutes

If you want a good workout for the abs and buttocks

Time: 15 minutes

Evaluation: 39,000 likes

Views: 4.5MM

Boho Beautiful’s 15-minute Pilates sequence targets the heart and gluteal muscles for a quick but effective sweat session.

If you only have 15 minutes

Time: 15 minutes

Evaluation: 1.8K likes

Views: 97K

Are you short on time but want to do some solid basic training? All you need is a mat and a little time for this series of Pilates abs with Pilates instructor and Bailey Brown.

If you want to watch the snow-capped mountains while you sweat

Time: 15 minutes

Evaluation: 9,000 likes

Views: 706K

You’re only 15 minutes from a stronger core with this Beautiful Boho Pilates workout video on a beautiful winter mountain landscape.

If you want basic training

Time: 15 minutes

Evaluation: 22,000 likes

Views: 2.7 mm

Cassey Ho promises to help inflame your abdomen in this difficult mat workout.

If you want your abs to feel the burn

Time: 17 minutes

Evaluation: 1.5K likes

Views: 214K

This Pilates workout leaves no core muscles untouched.

If you are a beginner

Time: 18 minutes

Evaluation: 17k likes

Views: 1MM

Learn the basics of Pilates and work every part of your heart in this Pilates workout video for beginners.

If you want a no frills workout

Time: 20 minutes

Evaluation: 14,000 likes

Views: 580K

This workout without equipment is a great option for traveling or at home when you want to get into a no-frills and stimulating sequence for the abs.

If you want to sculpt your abs AND your arms

Time: 20 minutes

Evaluation: 22,000 likes

Views: 1.2mm

This workout sculpts both muscle groups at the same time, all in less than 20 minutes. The best part is, it is designed specifically to do in an apartment (i.e. no jumping or angry neighbor required.)

If you want to focus on your breathing

Time: 20 minutes

Evaluation: 1.8K likes

Views: 161K

In true Pilates fashion, you will focus particularly on the heart and using the breath to engage your abdominal muscles even more deeply.

If you want a full body workout

Time: 20 minutes

Evaluation: 35,000 likes

Views: 3.3mm

If you’re new to Pilates, try this 20-minute beginner workout. Work your whole body (especially the abs) and learn the basics of this video.

If you dream of California

Time: 21 minutes

Evaluation: 4.7K likes

Views: 360K

Join Boho Beautiful for an Abs Pilates challenge located in the beautiful Joshua Tree.

If you want a Pilates / Yoga fusion course

Time: 22 minutes

Evaluation: 8.3K Likes

Views: 915K

Although technically a combo of Pilates and yoga fusion, this workout contains many movements of abs inspired by Pilates. The sequence focuses specifically on the heart and legs.

Pilates workouts on YouTube: 30 minutes or more

If you want to sculpt from head to toe

Time: 30 minutes

Evaluation: 7.5K likes

Views: 996K views

Target your abs and get a full workout with this 30-minute video of certified trainer Amy Kiser Schemper, founder of BodyFit by Amy.

If you want a good glute training

Time: 45 minutes

Evaluation: 10,000 likes

Views: 2.3mm

Take it on the days when you want a full workout that pays extra attention to your heart.

If you have an hour and a Pilates ring

Time: 55 minutes

Evaluation: 5.2K

Views: 1,068,862

This 55-minute Pilates video will work your entire body with a focus on your abs, back and buttocks. To make this video, you will need a Magic Circle (also called a Pilates ring).

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