15 best butt exercises you can do at home for a glute workout

Buttocks are much more than gym selfies – and, in fact, you don’t even need a gymnasium to build stronger loot. With the right moves, you can seriously feel the burn and mark a fabulous butt training at home.

Composed mainly of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles, as well as many other smaller muscles, such as the piriformis (located where the heel of your hand lands if you put it in the back pocket of your jeans) —Your glutes are super important for all kinds of movements that you do throughout the day. Do you want to pick up heavy objects without straining your back? Solid glutes are * ~ key ~ *.

When your glutes can do their work, you can better strengthen and protect your back, hips and heart, which are also huge for balance and stability. (Looking at you, yogis.)

The key to getting a good butt training at home (and reaping all these benefits for the whole body) is to move slowly and with control to engage your gluteal muscles and not stress your lower back. To stay focused on your buttocks, engage your heart and exhale through the difficult part of each exercise.

You can use the 15 exercises below to create your own butt training at home. I have chosen these movements so that you can finish your complete workout without any equipment, or add loop resistance bands or dumbbells to certain movements, as you wish!

As long as you are recovering well (think about lots of stretching and rolling foam), you can work your butt up to three times a week.

Equipment required: none (can add resistance bands or dumbbells for an additional challenge, if desired)

Time: 20 minutes

Instructions: Choose up to five of the exercises below. Complete the indicated number of repetitions for each exercise before proceeding to the next, resting as instructed. After you have completed all five exercises, rest for one minute, then repeat the entire circuit two more times for a total of three sets.

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