12 best yoga mat reviews – best yoga mats 2020

Choosing the right yoga mat may seem like choosing the right flavor of ice cream – is there really a bad option? But then you get a dud that gives you no grip and lets you slide all over the class, you realize that not all yoga mats are created equal.

Choosing the best yoga mat for you is not a decision that even a cold yogi should take lightly. After all, in addition to costing you money, it can really change your practice. But how do you make the perfect choice? There are so many different types available.

Some are thick, while others are thin; some are super adherent and others are smooth. Do you prefer to choose a nice rug or a super resistant rug? And are the more expensive ones really worth their price? HAAALP!

It’s not like you can test each of them on the market to find out what feels best during your feed, but luckily there is a wonderful group of people who have tested countless rugs: yogis.

These are the best yoga mats out there, according to some of the best teachers in the country.

Best economical carpet: Gaiam Premium 2-Color Mat

You don’t need to deposit a ton of money for a high quality yoga mat. Gabrielle Cook, yoga teacher at Prospect Heights Yoga in Brooklyn, New York, is a big fan of Gaiam’s two-tone Premium mat. “The bumpy texture of their rugs is great because my hands don’t slip, even if I sweat,” she says. “I also love their thickness – they provide great support for my knees.” In addition, it only costs $ 30! This offer is even sweeter because the carpet is reversible, which means that you have two nice color options for the price of one.

Best mat for Vinyasa: Gaiam Sol Yoga Mat

The last thing you want when zoning in your feed is sore hands and feet from lack of padding. This is why Bethany Lyons, founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga in Ne, likes Gaiam’s Sol, a dense mat that will always allow you to connect with your body. “It’s super padded, so I can work my hands and feet on the mat,” she says. And if you really want to travel this distance, this mat will go with you, says Lyons. “It’s also great for handstands!”

Best Upgrade Mat: Liforme Yoga Mat

This one is a little more expensive than your standard rug. However, if you really hope to take your practice to the next level, Colleen Saidman Yee, famous yoga teacher and founder of the famous Yoga Shanti studios in Hamptons and New York, says that the Liforme mat is worth the investment. “The mat has the perfect amount of stick and cushioning for my 58 year old body. In addition, the geometric designs on the carpet are wonderful for alignment, stride and symmetry – all of which make a difference in the practice of asanas. She also adds that the colors – purple, pink, green, blue and black – are particularly pleasant shades.

Best padded mat: Manduka Pro Mat

Mandy Ingber, a Los Angeles-based celebrity yoga instructor, has taught clients like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence. His favorite mat, the Manduka PRO, is a proven choice suitable for many yogis. Ingber likes this comfortable mat to be light enough, but the best part is that it “doesn’t leave a rubbery smell on your hands and has a light cushion without being too slippery.” A bonus: it is latex-free for those of you who may be allergic. (Nobody wants beehives during the savasana.)

Ideal for studio style: La Vie Boheme botanical yoga mat

Sometimes you just do yoga so that you can put yourself in a glorious hippie-Zen mood – so you should have a mat that fits that purpose. Lauren Taus, instructor at Sweat Yoga and Equinox in Santa Monica, loves this beautiful mat for exactly that reason. “These are the most beautiful rugs. I love what it’s like to lay out my carpet and practice something that motivates and inspires me,” she says. As a bonus, Taus adds that it feels good to practice on a non-toxic, latex-free mat from a company owned by two impressive women.

Best Travel Mat: Manduka eKO SuperLite Yoga and Pilates Travel Mat

When it comes to a mat that is truly portable, “the best mat I have ever used is my Manduka EKo Lite,” says Madison Semler, yoga teacher and founder of Salvajé Yoga in Malibu, California. This ultra-thin rug can literally be folded and tucked into your purse or suitcase with ease. Plus, it comes in a variety of beautiful colors and for just $ 44.

Best durable rug: Lululemon the reversible rug

For a super reliable mat that is well suited to any yoga practice, Eve Lynn Kessner, yoga teacher at Obé Fitness, recommends the Lululemon 5 mm reversible mat. “It has equal amounts of rebound and stability,” she says. “It sort of mimics hard ground with a soft center if that makes sense.” And while Lululemon offers reversible and grippy rugs in different thicknesses, Kessner is all about the 5mm option. “I like the heaviest thickness the most.”

Best adherent mat: Jade Harmony yoga mat

Do your hands always get very hot and sweaty during lessons? The jade harmony mat is the choice for you, says Sam Emrich of Y7 Studio, which has studios in New York and Los Angeles. to put. “This mat has excellent grip, which is important during an intense yoga class,” says Emrich. “It keeps me from sliding and sliding when I sweat.” It is also available in many sunny colors.

The most high-tech mat: Yoga mat anti-oblique cut

“When I was teaching yoga, students always asked me, ‘How can I do yoga more regularly at home?’” Says Alisa Bowman, yoga teacher and former columnist for Yoga Journal who consulted on the creation of the Backslash rug. “This Backslash Fit yoga mat makes it so easy. It combines with an Alexa skill from Amazon to give you simple yoga routines. Alexa will literally speak to you through the streams for better digestion, strength building, burn calories, and more. Extra Bonus: The mat is also very grippy, and stores when you’re done because it rolls automatically. “(We are affiliated with Backslash Fit).

Best mat for hot yoga: YogaZeal Yoga Mat

Are you obsessed with hot yoga? Private yoga teacher Alexis Novak, based in L.A., gives the best marks to the eponymous YogaZeal mat. Not only does she love the design, but she says “they can be machine washed and hung to dry. No towel needed because they are a towel and a rug in one.” Which is essentially a yogi on the go dream come true.

Best dual-use mat: Kulae Elite Hybrid

Want to get your money’s worth? Jen Lobo, yoga instructor and co-founder of bodē nyc, recommends the Kulae Elite hybrid mat, which includes a built-in yoga mat towel, perfect for heated yoga classes. “Since it’s so thin, there has been more stability,” she notes. “It’s hard to find your foot on a soft, spongy carpet.” And, despite its slim design, Lobo notes that the mat does not warp or move during class, even during the most intense flow.

Best Travel Mat: LululemonReversible (Un) Mat Lightweight Travel

Bring sweat: “Lulu’s mat is incredibly durable and perfect for heated classes,” says Claire Ewing of CorePower Yoga. “My hands and feet don’t slip when I’m practicing and it’s super easy to clean.” Lululemon’s reversible rug may not be as pretty as some of the other choices, but if you’re evaluating your rug across the city and looking for a great hybrid of form and function, you can’t go wrong with a solid natural rubber with an antimicrobial additive that also clings easily when dry.


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