10 best weight benches for home training 2020


Danielle Occhiogrosso

If you are training at home, you probably already have basic equipment. (If not, start with these trainer approved dumbbells and resistance bands.)

In fact, you probably don’t think need a weight bench – until you try to step forward and realize that you have nothing to ride on except your couch.

Whether you want to build a full-fledged home gym or just have solid options when you don’t feel like going out the front door for a good workout, if there is a more piece of equipment great that is worth splurging (and making room for), it is a weight bench.

Let me explain: First of all, no, the workout benches aren’t just for guys who want to squeeze a million pounds. Although your standard and flat weight bench Is gives you an easy platform for pushing up exercises like dumbbells, it also provides the solid surface you need for rows or bird dips and much more.

In addition, there is a bench designed for each space and each muscle you want to work on. Need help with shoulder presses? An adjustable reclining bench has (literally!) Your back. Want to really ignite your heart? A lowered abs bench keeps your lower body locked and loaded so you can sculpt your abs with your most effective sit-ups.

When in doubt, a flat bench is a simple and economical way to spice up your home training game, but if you’re ready to spoil yourself, the opportunities are virtually endless. Here are the best weight benches, according to home training warriors like you.

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Best flat bench

BSN Sports flat weight bench

Want to keep your home workout as simple as possible? This basic flat weight bench from BSN Sports gets the job done. Its thick-walled steel tube makes it very robust and the high-density foam cushion is just firm enough to support everything, from elevators to dumbbell presses without being uncomfortable.


Best larger adjustable bench

Flybird adjustable weight bench


$ 309.00

$ 185.79 (40% off)

Complete with two inches of foam padding, this economical adjustable bench is easy to fold and store, comes with a one-year warranty and requires zero assembly (which, let’s be honest, is a huge plus).

With seven possible back positions and three seat positions, it is easy to adapt to a variety of movements. Oh, and did I mention the 900 solid reviews he has? Yeah, there’s that too.


Best ABS bench

Goplus SuperFit Adjustable Curved Sit-Stand Bench

With four adjustable positions, this curved seated bench facilitates the progression of your core strength. The bench itself is made up of four layers, including a layer of memory foam for maximum comfort, and has padded bars to keep your legs comfortably secure so you can focus on your abs.


Best flat bench

Yaheetech flat weight bench

This no frills flat bench gets to work for an affordable price. Thanks to its lightweight design (it weighs less than 17 pounds!) And its compact size, this bench is super portable. Since it is padded with high density sponge material, it is always a lot comfortable.


Best basic aerobic step / bench

KLB Sport adjustable aerobic training step

With over 800 positive reviews, this adjustable aerobic walk is a must if you are looking for a weight bench that you can pack and slip under the bed after your workouts. With four feet that allow you to adjust the height from 4 to 8 inches, this step has a grippy surface that makes it perfect for lower body movements like Bulgarian split squats, but it does the job for most movements upper body (hellooo, inclined pushups) and cardio exercises (like box jumps), too.


Best Compact Adjustable Bench

CAP Barbell adjustable training bench

This compact adjustable bench has over 2,000 Amazon reviews, many of which tout it as the perfect size for small spaces and people under 5’8 “. It has a short back cushion and weighs just 26 pounds. four rear positions (straight, tilted, flat and tilted), the bench covers all of your bases and even includes barbell supports for easy access to your weights, plus padded bars keep your legs locked but comfortable for movement like sit-ups.


Best Adjustable Splurge Bench

Steelbody Deluxe weight bench 6 positions

Made of sturdy steel and thick vinyl-covered pads, this Steelbody Bench really gets your money’s worth. At 53 pounds, it’s heavier than many in the peloton, but has transport wheels for easier storage and portability. With six possible backrest positions and five possible seat positions, it offers an infinite number of configuration options.


Best weight bench for serious weightlifters

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench

This bench is basically as close as possible to all of these different weight machines that you see in the home gym. In addition to the usual adjustable rear bench, this impressive configuration also includes a removable cushion to be used for movements such as super concentrated bicep curls and a lower body configuration for exercises such as leg extensions. His


Best all-purpose bench

Versatile Escape Fitness training platform

This training platform is basically a bigger and better aerobic stage. Whether you want to do weight training or practice your plyometrics, this easy-to-transform bridge has 16 possible configurations, including a low aerobic step and high, flat, inclined benches. (It even has connections for the resistance bands.)


Best larger multi-purpose bench

Finer Form multifunction training bench

This bench takes up a little space (it measures 55 inches long). But if you have room to spare, it’s a great all-round option, with an extra long back cushion with a flat and two decline settings.

With two inches of bench padding, this option keeps your workouts comfortable without sacrificing stability. In addition, the adjustable thigh and ankle supports and the large hip cushion make this bench easy to use for exercises like hyperextensions and sit-ups.

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